We are playing APOCALYPSE on a single date, Saturday, Nov 19th, Beginning at 6pm. The grid below is for pricing. The earlier you buy the less you pay.

“This is a great place for family and friends to take on the horde of zombies. Highly recommend this place for anyone. Gear up, and I’ll see you on the battlefield!” – Jeff Absell, Facebook Review


Be them, or shoot them, its up to you! Small groups of zombies will trail each team of 4 survivors, tormenting them at every turn. Survivors kill zombies with 2 or 3 head shots (depending on the zombie). After being killed, Zombies disappear for 10 seconds and wait to re-spawn, only to show up again in a different location. If a zombie successfully gets within 4 feet of a survivor, a “bite” is recorded, and the player must wait 10 seconds to re-spawn before moving or shooting again.


As an Apocalypse Survivor, Zombies are not your only concern. Your group will be released into Apocalypse Arena with an embedded guide. Your primary mission is to find all 7 objectives while keeping your zombie bites to a minimum.  Most objectives have clues or small tasks you must perform. Locate an objective, keep the zombies at bay while you recover it, place it in your satchel, and move on to the next objective. You have only 30 minutes to recover all 7 objectives, and you are not permitted to move when bitten and waiting to re-spwan.


The third and final element in this apocalyptic battle royale is the presence of other groups of survivors who are on the same mission as you. Everyone can shoot everyone (with the exception of members of your own team – no friendly fire accidents) so when you come across another group its decision time. Cooperate, or fight? What if your help is the key to another team’s victory? The team with the most objectives wins the game. Tiebreaker is points. 10 points per kill. Minus 5 per death. Find the objectives, avoid being bitten or shot, and score max points.  Simple, right?