Delta Force has been shot down and is holed up in a shelter and enemy combatants have them surrounded.  Delta Force gets 5 health & 1 life.  The enemy has only 1 health, but unlimited lives.  Delta Force wins if one or more commandos is rescued after surviving a 5 minute all-out attack.

The battle rages, and military secrets must be guarded at all costs.  Each team must protect a backpack, full of sensitive intel, while simultaneously trying to steal the other teams’ backpack and return it to their base.  Each player gets 2 health and just 1 respawn.

Start in your base with 2 health and only 1 respawn. You have 8 minutes to find and completely eliminate the opposing team, or the mission will end in a tie. And, really, who wants that? Clever tactics, cool calculation, and selective aggression will win the day.

In this classic battle for superiority, The Dominator Box sits above the central building. Teams compete for total kills, & score huge bonus points by controlling the building and shooting The Box. Highest team score wins. All players have 2 health and unlimited respawns.

One team chooses their Juggernaut, who gets 150 ammo, 10 health, and no respawns, while everyone else gets unlimited ammo, 2 health and 2 respawns. Dead Juggernaut? Attackers win. Live Juggernaut after 5 minutes, Defenders win.

Its pure “mano a mano”. In Deathmatch, teams go head-to-head to see who can get the most kills. Each player has unlimited respawns. Its very simple. The team with the most kills at the end of the 5 minute match wins.

7 boxes are sitting in the central building & both teams must battle to secure as many of them as possible. The team that returns the most boxes to their base in 5 minutes wins. A player may carry only one box at a time. All players get 2 health and unlimited respawns.

Square off in the ultimate individual, free-for-all death game.  Start in the same location with unlimited ammo & automatic 10 second respawns.  As the countdown begins, you scatter.  When the game begins each player is an army of one.  Alliances are allowed, but there can be only one winner.