Location & Parking: We are located at 2808 Cedar Creek Rd, Youngsville. Enter the driveway, turn right immediately and follow the parking lot road that runs parallel to Cedar Creek. Stay right and park in the lower grass field adjacent to the laser tag field. Don’t park too close to the picnic area unless you are unloading. Proceed to the white building marked “LASER COMBAT”

Arrival: Plan on arriving 10 minutes early so everyone is present at the Laser Tag Center at the top of the hour. It is the white building that says “LASER COMBAT”.  Late arrivals may cause the session to begin late, but all sessions will end on time. The session is two hours, which includes orientation, equipment distribution and return. Actual game play ranges from 60 to 90 minutes (experienced groups usually get more).

Waiver: Each player is required to have this waiver, co-signed by a guardian if under 18. PRINT YOUR WAIVER BY CLICKING HERE

Picnic Area: Free use during the session and 30 minutes after. We do not sell food or drinks, so you may bring anything you like. No alcohol.  We have a charcoal grill and an electric outlet in the picnic area. Please bring all napkins, utensils, and equipment. You may request additional picnic area time if the session after yours is vacant, for a small additional charge.

Weather: If weather forces your session to be cancelled you may choose a refund or a re-schedule.  The field can handle a fair amount of water. Text or call us at 919-578-8478 any time to discuss. If weather comes in during the session we can delay or postpone, but we may need to work around other sessions. The equipment cannot be used in the rain.

More detailed info and further questions can be found on our FAQ Page.