Where is Panic Point?

2808 Cedar Creek Rd. Youngsville, NC, about a 20 minute drive from 540 & Capital Blvd.

Do you have age restrictions?

We don’t book parties for players younger than 8. The guns are 5lbs, so kids between 8 and 10 sometimes get tired. The equipment is built for adults, but we can modify it slightly for younger players.  Our missions range from very simple free-for-alls to complex tactical situations, so we can do anything from a birthday party to military-style scenarios.

Is it all outdoors?

All missions are played outdoors on “Chaos Field” which is about 200′ x 300′.  Each side has 2 bases, one closer to the center and one on the perimeter. The center of the field has a “house” with 4 rooms, windows, and hallways.  It is surrounded by barriers, tires, utility spools, and bunkers.  There is a picture of Chaos Field on the home page.

How long is a session?

Sessions are two hours from start to finish. If everyone is on time and attentive during orientation, game play will begin about 30 minutes into the session.  The last round of play will end 5 minutes before the session ends to allow for equipment return. Each mission lasts from 5 to 8 minutes, so depending on how much debriefing goes on between missions, you’ll engage in about 8 to 10 missions per session. When the session ends we allow groups to use the picnic area for 30 minutes.


6:00 Equipment Distribution at Laser Tag Center
6:10 Walk to Field
6:15 Orientation and Equipment check
6:30 First round of play
7:45 Final round of play begins
7:55 Return Equipment
8:00 Picnic Area Use
8:30 Departure

In this case the teams are playing for 85 minutes of the 120 minute session. It can be a little more or a little less.

Do you allow outside food/beverage?

We encourage outside food & beverage.  You can bring a cooler, pizzas, cake, whatever!  No alcohol.  We don’t have a license for that.

What is your Refund/Weather Policy

We always watch the weather closely, and will stay in contact with you regarding the status of the field. It drains very well. We usually wait until the day of a session to make a call one way or the other (unless its REALLY bad). If bad weather keeps us from playing, you may choose a refund or a re-schedule.  If you want to modify your reservation for any other reason, you have until 48 hours before your session to cancel and receive a refund.

If weather comes in during a session we have options. If we don’t have another reservation we can simply wait it out and resume when the weather passes. If another group has a reservation after yours we will work with both groups on a solution (i.e. delay the next session to allow us to finish). If we have played at least 8 rounds (of 5 minutes each) we consider the session complete, even if rain has slowed us down a bit.

What is the gear like?

We use iCombat Equipment. 100% wireless M-4 short-barrel rifles that emit a “laser” beam similar to an IR remote control, so it cannot hurt you physically.  Players wear bandoleers to engage in combat.  All scoring is downloaded through a Command Module and displayed on a monitor after each round of play.

Do you offer Open Play?

We do not. All sessions are 100% private. You need roughly 4 players per side to make the game fun, but our $199 rate is economical even for just 8 people, so grab 7 friends and make a reservation!

Do you do other Events?

We have 47 acres of open fields and woods, Chaos Field, Apocalypse Arena, and equipment that can function over the entire property.  Play a huge game of capture the flag.  Make your own rules on health and respawns.  Play your own, private, Apocalypse game, where half the group is Zombies and the other half is Survivors.  Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Youth Groups, Reunions, Corporate Outings, we can do it all!